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Shoring NY

A shore is part of temporary construction equipment used to reinforce the stability of otherwise unstable construction element. Shoring, correspondingly, is the art of using shores in construction. The main purpose of shoring is construction safety. NY construction safety regulations, including the ones applied to shoring, are contained in the Building Code, compiled and maintained in NY by the city's Department of Buildings.

Shoring is not intended as a permanent solution for structural problems of the building. Its purpose is to prevent the collapse while more permanent means of support are being constructed, rather than support the structure for any prolonged period of time.

A shore must be fixed to the wall or the structure it supports, otherwise it won't be effective. Because the ground is usually soft, the bottom of a shore must be placed on a firm, heavy piece of timber serving as a shore base.

There are three general types of shores used in construction throughout NY: vertical shores, also known as "dead" shores, diagonal shores (raking shores) and horizontal shores (flying shores).

Raking shore is probably the most often used type of shore at NY construction sites. Raking shore is the kind of shore that supports a building wall or a temporary structure such as a scaffold, being propped against it at an angle. The purpose of the shore is to counter the gravity force that pushes the wall or the structure toward the ground, by providing the counter-force from the ground toward the wall or the structure.

The most common types of the raking shore are the single raker shore and a double raker shore. A single raker shore, quite in accordance with its name, consists of just one raking member propped against a selected part of the structure it's supposed to support. A double raker shore consists of two raking members aimed at specific points of the wall or temporary structure. Double rakers can support higher walls or structures of a larger areas.

Shoring is used during renovation of old buildings, for example, of historically and architecturally valuable buildings (there are many of those in NY). Often the age of the building begins to present certain element of danger to the occupants as well as to people outside and in surrounding buildings, and in that case shoring can be a temporary solution. Shoring is used even more regularly for supporting temporary structures during construction or renovation, for example to support scaffold systems. Finally, the strategy of preventive shoring is widely applied to reinforce structural stability of the buildings located near the new construction or excavation sites.

This means that even thought a building that is being "shored up" is perfectly intact, but actual construction or excavation work conducted in its vicinity may endanger its structural integrity. Whenever there's probability that a presence of the construction or excavation site nearby may harm an adjacent building, preventive shoring, as well as other protective actions, must be applied by the business or businesses responsible for doing the work.

Our company, All-Safe, LLC, is among the most expertly and respected providers of shoring services in NY. You're most welcome to call us any time on weekdays during working hours for more information on shoring in NY: 718-389-9400.

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We'd like to share a few photographs of the shoring project we had in Puerto Rico in 2006, the famous San Jose church in San Juan.

Shoring NY 1

Shoring NY 2

Shoring NY 3

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Shoring NY 5

Shoring NY 6

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Shoring NY 9

And these are the images of 22 Washington Square in NY, another notable shoring project we've done.

Shoring NY 10

Shoring NY 11

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